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The Lucas van Leyden Fonds supports visual art projects in the public space of the city Leyden, bringing special attention to the connections between art and science and art and society. The fund supports visual art projects executed by professional visual artists. The Lucas van Leyden Fonds welcomes both projects placed permanently in Leyden’s public space, as well as temporary projects executed over a shorter period of time. As a precondition, the projects should contribute to the identity and the role of Leyden as knowledge-city and City of Discoveries.

In line with the Cultuurnota of the Leyden municipality, the fund intends to be firmly committed to dynamism, connection, renewal and inclusion. Based on the vision of the Beeldende Kunst en Openbare Ruimte (BKOR) and the city profile, the fund maintains the following principles:

Supports and encourages

collaboration between new and existing initiatives in the field of visual art in the public space of the city Leyden.

Supports the Lucas Art Award

in realising art commissions in the public space to young, mid-career and older artists of (inter)national stature.

Encourages visibility

and connection of art from Leyden in Leyden. This through the means of an online platform and by facilitating expositions and network meetings.

Involves communities and residents

of Leyden in the preservation of art in the public space of Leyden, by responding to requests from the city. Existing sculptures in storage can be made available as well.

Stimulates new forms

of both visual art in the public space, calling upon as many city residents as possible, as well as new forms of commissioning.